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我们喜欢制作有趣的视频。 我们喜欢让人发笑。 我们也喜欢倾听想法和反馈。 如果您有想法并愿意合作请告诉我们!

 we make videos to make you laugh 

We love creating funny videos. We love making people laugh. We also love listening to ideas and feedback. If you have a terrific idea and would like to have us in together, let us know!


我们喜欢结识有趣的人,特别是有趣的人! 我们相信幸福不只是在镜头前,我们也确保相机背后的笑声! 如果您认为自己有表演才能并希望一起玩乐,请与我们联系!


We love meeting fun people especially the FUNNY ones! We believe happiness is not just in front of camera, we make sure laughter behind the camera too!

If you think you have talent in acting and want to have fun together, get in touch with us!


Tinysaur 小暴龙在 Manner微辣 第一届国际喜剧视频比赛中获得第一名,成为最有趣的喜剧视频制作人。



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"加油 期待新作品"

- Young Kee

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